01 Mei 2013


The study, with a title Fisheries Activities Trenggalek at East Java Province with the order to know what kinds of fisheries activities in each district in the Marine and Fisheries Trenggalek, knowing the policies and work programs Marine and Fisheries Trenggalek, knowing fisheries production centers in the area Trenggalek and enhance administrative capacity in institutions Marine and Fisheries Trenggalek. Research methods using secondary data and primary data include observations of activities, active participation, interview. The results of this research include the potential of marine resources in Trenggalek big enough. Beach line in Trenggalek  is 96 km with Sea area of 4 miles is ± 71,117 ha. Fisheries activities in Trenggalek involves catching fish in the sea, fishing in public waters, the cultivation of fish in fresh water, brackish water cultivation (pond), fishery product processing and marketing of fishery products. Production centers in fisheries activities include processing Trenggalek traditional and modern fish (processed), and the results are marketed in the form of either fresh or processed for consumption in the district and outside the district. Policies and work programs that have been made compared with the DKP workmanship that occur in the field has not seen the most and still needs improvement, addressed to the fisheries business.

Key Word: DKP and Fisheries activities

Prasna Prawitasari, Ir. Tri Djoko Lelono, MS

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